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It has been a strange week at Fellside so far! Yesterday, a visitor from Gateshead Library dropped by unexpectedly with a very special favour. We have been asked to be the guardians of a very special book – a book that has, until recently, been kept in the very depths of the archives library where it has lain for many, many years. As the archives are being refurbished, we have been specially selected to house the book at Fellside this week. Interestingly, Maria (the librarian who brought the book to Fellside) also told us about a series of rather unique instructions that we must adhere to in order to keep the book safe.
The book must not be touched by bare skin
The book must be kept within a specially drawn chalk circle
It must be kept under lock and key at all times
No water can touch the book
In assembly on Monday, Mrs Hood had to hold the book in a special cloth wrapper (ensuring that her hands did not touch the cover). She reported that the book was not only very heavy indeed, but that it seemed to emit an extraordinary power.
What was important was that all of the children understood and agreed to follow the special instructions that are needed to ensure its safekeeping.
Of course, we were very proud and honoured to have been chosen to care for the book. Indeed, we took the job so seriously that it was agreed we should lock it away in a cage so that no one is tempted to touch it.
Have a look at the photographs of the book and read for yourself the special instructions for its care that accompany it. What kind of book might it be? How old might it be? Who may have owned it in the past?
What do you think?

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