Tuesday 2nd June 2015 will forever go down in history as surely one of the strangest days in Fellside’s history! I was greeted early in the morning by Mr Cummings, our caretaker, with the news that a large tree branch was hanging dangerously low in our Key Stage One yard. Nothing odd about that really (it had been a very stormy night previously). However, that wasn’t the end of it! Mr Cummings then presented me with a series of photographs showing what can only be described as hoof prints – but of what? Silver in colour with a glittery ‘smudge’ all around them, the prints were found the full length of the Early Years yard before they simply stopped dead near the back of the Year 1 classroom. What could have left such hoof prints and why did they stop so suddenly? Where had the animal gone? Mr Cummings then presented pictures of what looked like hair – or was it a web? – that had been found near the trim trail. I was already greatly puzzled by the photographs – but then more curious happenings were to be revealed… As the children arrived for the start of the day, I began to hear reports of all manner of what can only be described as mischievous deeds. Year 1 children were shocked to see coloured bricks scattered hither and thither on their classroom carpet, together with an anonymous note on which the words, ‘Oops! He He He!’ had been written! A similar message had been written on the whiteboard in reception where a comparable mess had also been left. In Year 2, children were left bewildered when they realised their classroom clock had been meddled with and their trays had been moved around the room haphazardly. On hearing the news, I decided to call an emergency assembly to try to establish what had been happening and I was right to do so – as our Key Stage 2 children had more to add! A small but very curious leather bootee had been discovered in Year 3 where there was also what can only be described as a trail of destruction! A string of cut out paper dollies had been cut and left in a circle (with scissors and pencils strewn here and there) and a storybook about wizards had curiously been left open – as if the perpetrator specifically wanted the children to read that particular story! In Year 4, Mr Connelly was not amused to find that his classroom had been labelled ‘Year 4, MRS Connelly’! Furthermore, some of the children’s trays had been deliberately sellotaped closed. I had hoped that the classrooms that house our oldest children in Years 5 and 6 might have been left alone, but sadly that was not to be. More reports of sellotaped trays, upset chairs and scribbling on teachers’ whiteboards and other such nonsense were in abundance in those classrooms too… One of the most interesting discoveries of the morning actually came to light as the children assembled in the hall. The cage containing the book that we had been tasked with looking after (and which had been padlocked shut the night before by Mr Cummings) was wide open… What’s more, the book itself had somehow ‘shed’ its chains and was lying open! More oddly, the matching leather bootee that made a pair with the one found in Year 3 lay abandoned beside the open cage. Neither I nor the children could explain these events, nor could anyone explain the silver hoof prints (the pictures of which I shared with the children). The suggestion of a unicorn or perhaps a winged-horse was mooted – a very likely idea since a bejewelled horseshoe was also located outside the open cage. Given that none of the children nor teachers could shed any light on the events of the morning, we could only speculate. Some ideas put forward by children were that naughty imps had been at play over night at Fellside – perhaps somehow related to the rather mysterious book that had come into our possession the day before. We were, however, somewhat intrigued about the possibility of a visit by a unicorn (which are said to be very lucky and magical). With no immediate explanation coming forward, I had no option but to ask the children to ensure that they be watchful for any other strange happenings and to be alert for evidence of these. Yes, it really was a curious day at Fellside today… Mrs Hood

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