Local dentist, Ian Davidson, is called to help us to identify the enormous teeth found at Fellside on Thursday morning.  Yet more work of ‘The Book?’


Mrs Armstrong sped to the dental practice of Mr Ian Davidson (who is known by many of our children) on Thursday lunchtime to see if he could help us to identify the simply enormous teeth that were found in Fellside’s grounds earlier that day.

Mr Davidson, it emerged, knows lots about the teeth of animals as well as humans.  He confidently identified the teeth as having belonged to a reptile but readily admitted he had never seen any quite so big!  Mr Davidson could not say exactly which species of reptile once owned the giant ‘gnashers’.  He hinted, however, that they reminded him of the teeth of a dragon-like creature that he’d once investigated at Dental School.  Could that be the case?  We think it is possible – especially given all of the other inexplicable things happening at Fellside this week! Please click on the following link to access power point – dragon teeth








Interestingly, Mr Davidson told Mrs Armstrong that the teeth of reptiles are constantly growing and that they replace them at a rate of up to one tooth for every tooth socket every single month!  So, whichever creature did lose these enormous ‘chompers’ won’t stay gummy for long

What do you think?  Have you ever seen teeth this big before?

Mrs Hood

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