Perhaps the oddest of all discoveries…

Mr Harrington and Mr Connelly revealed what looked like a giant snakeskin, which they had located in a tree in Fellside’s grounds on Wednesday morning, during their assembly with Key Stage 2 children.

Bigger than your average snakeskin (by quite a bit!), the two teachers immediately set off with our caretaker, Mr Cummings, to see if its previous owner could be found.  After a careful search, it was determined that there was simply no trace of any snake anywhere.

A quick search on Google has since revealed that no ‘worldly’ snake would shed a skin quite as large as this one.  Not for the first time this week, we were left scratching our heads in puzzlement.

Mrs Petrie, on Thursday morning, brought reports of scratch marks on the trees, scorched grass and the discovery of two simply enormous teeth in the school grounds.  Poor Mr Cummings must have got quite a fright when he spotted them!

Powerpoints and photographs that were shared with children in assembly about these finds to follow.  They will really make you think!



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