Do you want to read the incantation that was found with the book?  Please click on the following to access  Incantation.  We think it was these really special words that helped to release all of the magic that was circling around Fellside (and beyond!) this week!

When Mrs Hood read the incantation in our assembly on Friday we were all a little puzzled by the words at first.  Then it dawned on us – the mischievous pixies and elves that we think were running around causing mayhem while we were sleeping, really just wanted to play!  And what better place to find friends to play with than at a school?  We realised then that although we thought they were naughty imps, they were really just playful!

What’s more, the ‘winged horse’ and ‘unicorn’ in the incantation were very obviously the very winged horse and unicorn that were sighted in the Whickham area yesterday (see our article entitled ‘News-flash’).  Do you think they have taken the imps, pixies and elves to an enchanted place?  Do you think it is a place so enchanting and secretive that only the book will ever know where that place is?

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