Today saw the election of our School Council for 2015/16.  As always, it was a hard-fought competition with a group of courageous, creative and persuasive children all vying for a role in steering our school and representing the voices of our pupils.

This year, we were seeking 10 children to act as Councillors, x2 from each class from Y2 to Y6 inclusive.  Children in Y3 gave their vote in the school hall, all listening ardently to the speeches being delivered by hopeful nominees.  Y2 children undertook their election separately with Mrs Cameron – the process being slightly less formal than that in Key Stage 2.  Nonetheless, I hear the competition was equally fierce!

Elections over and votes counted, here are the results:

Year 6: Reece and Laura

Year 5: Ashcon and Amelia

Year 4: Martha and Isobel

Year 3: Rachel and Leo Jay

Year 2: Kate and Sam

Congratulations to all newly-elected members of our School Council!  I’m sure I speak on behalf of us all when I say we look forward to your contribution to Fellside life and to working closely with all of you in the coming year.

Many thanks too to all of the other nominees who took so much time and effort to prepare their speeches and presentations this morning.   I am proud of you all.

Mrs Hood

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