It was both an honour and a privilege to be invited to the Council Chamber at Gateshead Civic Centre for an audience with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Mr and Mrs Geddes, on Thursday 21st January.  The reason for our visit was even more exciting!

Year 4 pupil, Leia, who is making quite a name for herself as a world-class violinist, had been brought to the attention of the Mayor via the Whickham Rotary Club – already strong supporters of Leia and her talent.  An invitation to the Council Chamber for a proposed recital soon followed.

Leia’s parents, a group of Leia’s Year 4 friends and I were there to support Leia, who delivered a truly stunning performance.  There was further support from Fellside from our Chair and Vice Chair of Governors – Mrs Levy and Mr Haley – who were also in attendance. Her chosen pieces, Romance Op.26 by Johan Svendsen, Tambourin Chinois by Fritz Kreiler and La Ronde des Lutins, Op 25 (Dance of the Goblins) by Antonio Bazzini, really showed the skill and variation in Leia’s exquisite repertoire as a musician, and her audience, which included a sizeable number of councillors and Rotary Club members, were clearly overjoyed and moved by her performance.

Tea with the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress followed, during which many of these super photographs were taken.

leia tea1 leia tea
















Congratulations, Leia!  And thank you too to the Year 4 girls who attended: Lexi, Freya, Isabelle and Molly.  You all did an amazing job representing Fellside.  I could not have been prouder of you all!

Mrs Hood


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