The sun shone brightly this afternoon for Reception Class and Year 5 as they took part in the ‘Spring Stroll Water-Walk’ challenge for COCO.  In a relay start Reception children had to carry 2 pints of water in a carton and walk one lap around the field, without any spills. Year 5 children had a slightly harder challenge, they needed to carry 2 x 4 pint containers filled with water and walk four laps around the field.
The children enjoyed this worthy challenge and all did extremely well. Each class encouraged and cheered the children on during their event. At the end of the walk, House Captains were on hand to measure the water loss at the end of the walk. Not that they had much to measure, as the containers were still almost full to the brim.

Well done to Reception and Year 5 for their great achievement.

water challenge (43) water challenge (3)water challenge (47)water challenge (63)water challenge (49) water challenge (48)

As a final fun challenge of the day, Mrs Hood along with Mrs Duncan, Miss Adamson, Mrs Potts and Mrs Nicols carried 2x 4 pints of water above their heads for about half a mile, well maybe not quite that far!  Can you guess who won?

water walk teacherswater walk teacher 2






The remaining classes will complete their water walk challenge over the next few days, hopefully they will do well and enjoy the task too.

Don’t forget… on Friday afternoon after school there will be a grand finale ‘Spring Stroll Water-Walk’, for parents and staff to take part in, look forward to seeing you there.


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