The first of our events for COCO got underway on Monday afternoon with Year 1 and Year 3 undertaking their ‘Spring Stroll Water-Walk’.  We were delighted that COCO’s Oswin Mahundi and Bradley French were able to join us to set the children off.  Of course, we could not have them simply watch and not join in – so both were swiftly furnished with x2 4 pint bottles each and asked to do three laps of the field!  Both were terrific sports – and barely spilled a drop!
But the afternoon was all about the children and they did a truly fabulous job in carrying their milk containers that had been filled with water – 2 pints for Year 1 and 4 pints for Year 3.  The children have been learning about the preciousness of water during our assemblies and lessons leading up to the event, and it was clear they had really taken this on board.  The House Captains, who were on standby to measure the amount of spillage at the end of the children’s water-walk, soon discovered that the children had spilled hardly anything on their way around the course.  The next classes who will compete over the remainder of the week certainly have a tough act to follow!
coco water event (16)
coco water event (23)
coco water event (22) coco water event (21)
coco water event (20)
coco water event (14)
coco water event (15)coco water event (10)
coco water event (11)
Many thanks to Brad and Oswin for launching our week’s events, and thank you to the Year 6 House Captains: Lauryn, Daniel, Dylan and Georgia.  We certainly would not have had such a smooth-running event were it not for their excellent organisation skills.
Well done, everyone!  Here’s to the rest of the week!
Mrs Hood
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