We proudly announce our newly-elected House Captains at Fellside for 2016/2017

September brings election season at Fellside.  As always, we begin with the election of our eights House Captains (one boy, and one girl for each House) who have the honour of leading one of our four House Teams for the next academic year.

Four of our out-going House Captains who were elected in September 2015 carried out their final task of their term of office in assisting with the smooth running of the election process itself.  (The remaining four – from last year’s Year 6 have since left Fellside to commence their secondary education).  My thanks to Rosie, Ewan, Matthew and Hannah for their assistance.

Voting was, as always, tough!  There were some excellent ‘pitches’ for the 8 places available.  One of the hardest fought House Captaincies was in Bamburgh House where as many as 11 candidates competed to win one of the two roles available. This very democratic process complete, I am pleased to announce the House Captains for the 2016/2017 academic year as follows:













Many congratulations to the new House Captains.  I look forward to working with you and to seeing you develop this hugely important role at our school.  I am certain you will do the most fantastic job!

Election season is not yet over at Fellside, however.  Next week sees the election of our new School Council for this year.  News on that to follow!

Mrs Hood

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