We went on a trip to Shotley Bridge woods. Jess told us all about trees and how little trees grow into really big trees. We learnt about deciduous and evergreen trees. We found out about some of the animals that live in woods and even saw where a deer had slept next to a tree. We collected 5 different things from the forest floor to put in our baskets and had a listening moment to listen carefully to all the sounds we could hear. It was very muddy and bumpy walking through the woods and we had to climb over a fallen branch.

Back at school we carried on learning about woods. We went on an autumn walk to collect lots of autumn leaves to use in our collages. We found out about animals that hibernate and how some are nocturnal. We painted autumn trees and made clay hedgehogs.

We went into our woods to “hug a tree” and make hedgehog houses. We collected acorns and conkers and talked about what trees they grow into.  We enjoyed sharing “Percy the Park-Keeper” stories too. We measured lots of different sticks and ordered them from the shortest to the longest.We also found things that were longer or shorter than our stick.

We made numbers from sticks and natural materials, counted conkers and some of us weighed different objects with the conkers.

We are still collecting acorns!

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