Jay brought lots of animals and creatures for us to have a look at today. We even got to hold some! We found out the names of all the creatures, what they like to eat, where they live and how they protect themselves from predators.

There was Mr. Chin the bearded dragon, Daisy the skunk, Belinda the blue-tongued skink, Orange Squash the python, Brambles the hedgehog, Maria the tarantula, Prince the giant bullfrog, Merlin the meerkat and 5 scorpions.

The scorpions. They had lots of little hairs over their legs and a hard body. Some had just had babies. Baby scorpions are called scorplings.

Prince the Giant Bullfrog

We couldn’t touch Prince as he has poison on his back to protect himself.

An ostrich egg – the biggest egg in the world! We also got to see a hummingbird’s egg. It is the smallest egg in the world!

Orange Squash the python. This python had two very small legs!


Merlin the meerkat. He was very friendly and liked to sniff inside our ears!


Maria the tarantula. We got to see some of her web come out of her body. It looked as if it was floating! Jay said this is how the baby spiders move away.


Mr. Chin the bearded dragon. He skin felt smooth when you rubbed it in one direction, and rough when you rubbed it in the other direction.

Bramble the hedgehog. Bramble rolls up in a ball to protect herself. She enjoyed running around in circles on our carpet!

Belinda the blue-tongued skink. When she went close to our faces she would lick our noses! Belinda has a special trick to protect herself from being eaten. Her tail can come off! It still wiggles around so the predator will eat the tail and not her!

Daisy the skunk. She was a bit sleepy as she is usually asleep through the day and awake at night.

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