In the wind and rain of Monday 5th June, our official 50th birthday, we revealed our new Birthday Sculpture commissioned via local metal artist, Graeme Hopper.  We could not be more delighted with it!

When planning it, our initial objectives were that the resulting piece would have longevity (hence the use of a non-corrosive metal): it will hopefully still be around 50 years from now!  Secondly, it needed to represent our chosen theme of ‘community’.  Last, but not least, we wanted it to look fun and really appeal to the children.  We think we have achieved all of that!  The children worked together in their classes to come up with ideas about what ‘community’ meant to them, then representatives from each class met with Graeme to pool ideas.  The tree motif proved popular, emblematic as it is of growing, putting down roots, being long-lasting and enduring, and essential to life.  The children thought these sentiments all summed-up their school and their locality perfectly! The archway surrounding the tree, positioned between the boy and girl sculptures, represents the entrance to the  journey that children commence when they first come to Fellside.  All very thought-provoking, we’re sure you’ll agree!

We are enormously grateful to the Friends of Fellside who have contributed in no small way to the funding of the sculpture.  We think it is a wonderful addition to our school grounds and we’d love to know what you think too.  Please send a comment via the website.

More of Graeme Hopper’s work can be found on his website:

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