GSSP – Athletics: Cross Country


Last Wednesday (20th September 2017), twelve of our KS2 children attended Watergate Forest Park to take part in Cross Country.  The Year 3/4 team ran a distance of 1250m, with the Year 5/6 team running 1750m.  There were over 100 children per race!  After an exciting afternoon, it was time for the results…


Year 3/4:

  • Joseph Ramshaw – 3rd (winning bronze)
  • Molly Field – 3rd (winning bronze)
  • Sam Horsfall – 7th
  • Grace Urwin – 8th
  • Libby Kidd – 13th
  • Freddie Armstrong – 15th

Year 5/6:

  • Benjamin Purvis – 2nd (winning silver)
  • Matthew Levy – 3rd (winning bronze)
  • Eddie Allan – 10th
  • Hannah Tate – 13th
  • Poppy Spraggon – 15th
  • Sophie Hall – 17th


Most of the trail was uphill and around corners.  At the very end of the race, there was a big hill that they ran down to cross the finish line.  Overall, it was a very exciting race and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Hannah said it was exhausting and very long!  The Year 3 and 4 team achieved silver overall as a result of scoring a combined total of 32 points.  The Year 5 & 6 team came 4th.


Reported by Sophie Jones

(Year 6)

(Edited and posted by Mrs Wendt)

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