We have found some frogs living in our garden and discovered that they had laid some frog spawn under a log. We watched a video all about the life cycle of a frog and talked about the frog spawn and tadpoles hatching out. We were a bit worried that they didn’t have any water to swim in so went up to the pond to collect some water. There were a few worms and water boatmen in the pond but no tadpoles yet.

We took the pond water back and put the frog spawn in. Hopefully we will have some tadpoles soon!

We also played in our forest school this week and enjoyed making fires, playing hide and seek and collecting and counting acorns!

Miss Graham trying hard to pick the frog spawn up!

Counting acorns we had found.

Playing hide and seek!

The huge frog we found under the plant pot!

No tadpoles in here!

Getting a closer look at the frog spawn.

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