On Friday afternoon,  Year 4 participated in an archaeological excavation run by Land of Oak and Iron.  The team were digging up several areas along the track of Woodhouses Lane in Whickham and were keen to have participants from a local school to join them.  Upon arrival, we were met by Mark an archaeologist, who told us about some of the work he and his team were carrying out and gave us a brief history of the bridle path during the 17th / 18th century.  The children were organised into pairs and given spades and shovels so they could help with the digging process to uncover remains from the past.  Each member of the class was incredibly enthusiastic and set to work promptly.  It didn’t take long for the children to uncover many interesting finds including, broken pieces of pottery and plates, clear and brown glass, part of an old pipe and even part of an old marmalade jar.  One piece of pottery was even date stamped with 1862!  Towards the end of the visit, Mark gathered the children and provided a summary of the afternoon, discussing in depth what the children had found.

We all had a fantastic afternoon and learned a lot about our local history.  We will keep a look out on the website of Land and Oak and Iron for any future projects that we can get involved in.

Mrs Wendt

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