It’s harvest time again and this year we celebrated once again by collecting food to donate to the People’s Kitchen and by holding a special harvest assembly.

The People’s Kitchen in Newcastle will be delighted with the generosity shown as always, as the stage has been filled over the course of the week with all manner of tins, pastas, cleaning goods and more! This really shows the kindness and thankfulness of the people in Fellside’s community.

Today we also held our harvest assembly, with each class considering how our food travelled ‘from farm to fork’. Reception told us how different food grows or is taken care of, Year 1 told us about farming at harvest time in Britain, Year 2 about foods which are harvested in Britain, Year 3 foods which come from around the world, Year 4 about the history of self-growing and allotments, Year 5 about the chocolate making process (yum!) and Year 6 about the how the harvest affects us. An information- and song-packed assembly left us truly grateful for the food we have. Well done everyone!

Father Barry from St Mary’s Church also visited us to give a special harvest blessing. He taught us his favourite saying at this time of year: “I need food. You need food, We ALL need food.” This is a reminder that we should be grateful for what we have and share it with others as we are all in need of nourishment.

Below are some photographs of the wonderful presentation put together:



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