‘Diversity means each person is one of a kind.’

This inspiring quote came from Oliver Dickinson as our class celebrated diversity in all of its forms as part of Diversity Week at Fellside.

Last week, Year 4 joined the rest of our school in learning about the meaning of diversity; observing the many differences across our country and celebrating the variety of culture, religion, disability, families and races that make our world interesting and diverse.

As part of this special week, we enjoyed listening and learning from our visitors who came to share their experiences of different cultures, religion and disability.  Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our visitors and asked lots of insightful questions to further their understanding.

Following the visit from Mrs Adani and Mr Storey, who came to talk with us about Zimbabwe, the children created some African artwork using water colours to create a sunset colour wash and black paint to create silhouettes of African animals.  Further to this, the class explored one of the most popular languages spoken in Zimbabwe – Shona.  The children found this quite easy to learn and have enjoyed speaking and writing in Shona.  We researched life for a child in Zimbabwe and compared similarities and differences with our own school day.  From this, the children created a storyboard to share a typical day for a school child.

The children finished the week by writing a short explanation of diversity, explaining what it means to them and they shared their learning with their families through their Literacy homework – writing a report of the week’s outcomes.  To summarise our understanding of diversity, I have listed some insightful comments made by the class:

  • All that matters is that everyone is equal.
  • If everyone was the same then the world would be boring.
  • Being different makes you unique.
  • We should respect people’s opinions and beliefs.

To quote Joseph Ramshaw, ‘I love diversity! Do you?’

Waita zvakanaka gore mana!

(That’s ‘well done Year 4’ in Shona.)

Mrs Wendt


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