Year 3 have been creating 3D art in the form of Stone Age pottery.

This was a common task in the Stone Age to Iron Age, where the pots would be used for many things including holding food and precious items.

Over time, the pots were formed in different ways, but Year 3 chose to use a simple ‘pinch-pot’ or ‘thumb pot’ technique. They carefully formed the clay into a ball and then inserted their thumb into the center, where they could then begin to pinch the pot between their thumb and fingers to widen the clay into a bowl shape.

After the were happy with their form, they decorated it using tools similar to those which would have been used thousands of years ago, though this time they were made of plastic!

Year 3 had great fun trying this themselves and have created excellent pots! See for yourself…

(Photos taken by our very own Daniel and Freddie!)

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