Last week, Year 4 had an exciting morning of ancient history as Richard (aka ThatHistoryBloke) came in to deliver a workshop on the Ancient Egyptians.  Dressed as an Egyptian priest, Richard introduced himself and shared his love of history with the children.  He discussed his choice of outfit, which led to a description of the Egyptian hierarchy, with pharaohs being the most important people after the Gods.  Joseph had the opportunity to be dressed as a pharaoh:





Over the course of the workshop, the children were given a detailed look into the process of mummification, removing body parts from an Egyptian dummy to be concealed in canopic jars.  They then practiced the skill of wrapping their partners in bandages: 

Later in the morning, Richard explained the first writing system used by the Egyptians and showed a replica of the Rosetta Stone, which was covered in hieroglyphics. The children used their own ink and quills to create an Egyptian cartouche, using hieroglyphs to write their own names:







Overall, the morning was a roaring success, with the children securing their knowledge of the Ancient Egyptian period.  Thank you so much to Richard for engaging all of the children and for delivering an exciting and inspiring workshop.

Mrs Wendt

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