Nurse Wendy came in today to talk to us about what might happen if we ever never need to go into hospital.

She told us that the doctors and nurses have lots of equipment to help us feel better.

If we break a bone, we might need to wear a plaster cast just like this one. It was soft on the inside and hard on the outside. It would help the bone to heal.

We might need to have our heartbeat checked with a stethescope.

We might need to get our temperature checked with a special probe that goes under our arms.

We might need to get our oxygen levels checked. This machine had a plaster that stuck to our fingers!

We might need to get our blood pressure checked. We had to squeeze the ball to make the armband go tighter. This made the arrow move on the big dial.

This machine checks our pulse with a special microphone.

We might need to get a bandage on if we go into hospital.

If we hurt our arm or shoulder, we may need to wear a sling like this one.

Learning all about ambulances and xrays.

Learning about some of the people who work in a hospital.

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