We didn’t let the snow keep us from working on our Cycling Generation project!

Bike it Ben and Marcus took us on an exciting nature walk and then we conducted an experiment all linked to heart rates using the turbo bikes.

In the classroom, we discussed what we would need to consider if we were going on a walk. Think like supplies (appropriate clothing, drinks and first aid kits) as well as planning (routes, weather and maps) were presented and then we were ready to go!

Before leaving, we took our resting heart rate so that we could compare it later on in the day – when we had been walking and after the turbo bike session.

On our walk, we spotted and discussed many interesting things. These included identifying evergreen and deciduous trees, squirrel or magpie nests (which are very large!), mole hills, footprints and types of leaves. T he snow didn’t stop us from enjoying the time outside in our local environment – in fact, we loved it!

Back in the classroom, we recorded our medium-level exercise heart rate that we had taken during the walk. Then we each had a try at cycling as fast as we could to go the furthest distance. Our champions were Harrison, Layla and Isla! We took our heart rates after this and noticed that our heart has to pump faster as we do exercise. Our bodies also produce heat and sweat and we need to breath faster to get oxygen to power our muscles.

What a fantastic opportunity to link our challenge to science and take a moment to notice the nature in our own local area!

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