We have had some new additions to our nursery this term! We hope they have enjoyed their first week!

We had lots of ice in the garden this week! We broke it up with our feet and some tools and looked at the sizes and shapes of the ice.

We tried to melt it with water from the hose but that just made a little bit smaller.

Even the pots and pans in the mud kitchen had ice inside them! We tipped them all out and looked at the different shapes.

We decided that if cold water from the hose hadn’t melted the ice, maybe hot water would. It made it go even smaller but still didn’t completely melt!

We decided to take it inside as the ‘heater’ would make it melt. It worked! We watched it all day as it started to melt back into water.

Once the ice had completely melted the children suggested putting ducks in the water.

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