Eighteen members of Year Four have begun attending Art Club this term and have turned up for this after school club more than willing to improve their art skills. Beginning with a unit focusing on developing their drawing skills, they have been trying their hand at continuous line drawing.
Continuous line drawings are made by never taking the pen or pencil off the paper and by drawing very slowly – moving your pen or pencil at the same speed as your eye looks at the subject matter. By drawing this slowly, you are able to control the drawing and observe the detail of your subject very carefully. It’s a tricky technique to master but all our pupils gave it a go and just look at the results!
Since as we all know that ‘practise makes perfect’, they were sent home, armed with a new sketch book and pen, tasked with creating more drawings as homework. Mrs Armstrong was most impressed to hear from a couple of pupils that this was the best homework they had ever been set! It was music to her ears.

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