Mysterious reports have been coming in from across the North East today as a range of book characters were seen wandering about in the snow.

It began with a sighting of Ana and Elsa, who were out exploring the ‘Frozen’ Wonderland that has developed over the past few days. No word if Olaf, Sven or Kristoff were nearby.

Later, a Common Welsh Green dragon, well known for it’s appearance in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, was spotted trying to ruin the icy fun. Be on the look out and protect your snowy friends!

Wandering through the forest was none other than Little Red Riding Hood, who we can only presume was off to visit her grandmother with some freshly baked bread and a good book! Thankfully, no wolves have been spotted in the area so far.

Miss Havisham (of Dickens’ Great Expectations) even left her mansion and was seen reading about her own tragedy.

Finally, a duo of witches were seen venturing out with their feline friends despite the cold. Perhaps they know a spell to keep away the frost?

Though strange, these appearances are possibly the result of World Book Day, which is taking place today all over the globe. As many schools, including Fellside, have been forced to close due to the adverse weather, it seems the characters have ‘ploughed’ through in spite of the snow to share their love of reading!


Reports have been flooding in that a shark has also been seen having a lot of fun at the local park. If you see her, do NOT panic! She’s actually very friendly and would love to have a friend to play with on the swings!

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