What a fantastic week of Science the Reception class have had. A visit from Professor Nitrate started us off with a bang! Some brave volunteers helped her to make fire, send tubes popping up to the ceiling, make balls levitate and unroll toilet paper without touching it. One brave volunteer changed her mind when Professor Nitrate asked if she could set her on fire! But a special glove ensured all were safe.

We then returned to our classroom to carry out some of our own experiments. Following our snowy days – we looked closely at snowflakes and found out that they are crystals and just like us are unique. We made our own salt crystals and looked at them under a magnifying glass. Snow is made from water and we talked about how water can be liquid and solid. We tried to make water walk – can you remember how we did it? We looked closely at the levels of the water in the pots – what happened?  We also saw how plants suck up water to stay alive too.

We talked about how we need water to stay alive and healthy.  Finally, we made our own soap by melting soap compound and adding colours, scents and glitter.  These were a special surprise for our Mums. We hope you enjoy them

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