From Professor Nitrate we found out that everything is made of tiny particles.
Some of these particles are positive and some are negative and opposites attract, like metal to a magnet. We scattered puffed rice on one of our tables and placed a sheet of perspex over them with a gap of 5 cm
When we rubbed the perspex sheet with old woolen socks, the negative particles in the perspex get excited.
When the positive particles in the cereal felt all that negative excitement they just had to get up there and join in. It’s was if a magnet was pulling them. The force that was pulling them up there was not magnetism; it is called electrostatic force. Once they got there they stop being so excited and so another force, gravity, pulled them back down again. As soon as they were back down, they start wanting to get back up… and so on and so on. The rice puffs appeared to be dancing! What fun!

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