Year 3 enjoyed a trip around Whickham yesterday as they practiced their geography fieldwork skills.

The aim was to observe and compare the residential, commercial and recreational areas in the town in order to consider what made Whickham such a great place to live!

We first visited the residential area and noticed the things which made the area appealing, safe and functional.

In the commercial centre, we talked about the shops available to residents and why they were important. We also considered what else would be useful to have in Whickham, such as a gym to keep us fit!

Finally, we visited the newly developed Chase Park and looked at the new equipment which had been placed there. It was good to see that the area had been improved and we enjoyed having a run about on the field before heading back to school.

The children were excellent ambassadors to Fellside as they travelled sensibly and safety around the town. Well done, Year 3!

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