During Science Week, the children in Key Stage Two were set a challenge to find the names of 15 British Scientists which were hidden around the school and then research why they were famous.  We were over whelmed with the number of children who took part and the way in which they could talk about some of the scientists they had researched.

How many of them would you know?

  1. Michael Faraday
  2. Charles Darwin
  3. Rosalind Franklin
  4. Robert Hooke
  5. Edward Jenner
  6. Tim Peake
  7. Alexander Fleming
  8. John Dalton
  9. Henry Moseley
  10. Peter Higgs
  11. Anne McLaren
  12. Helen Sharman
  13. Stephen Hawking
  14. Isaac Newton
  15. Edmond Halley

Completed entries were added into a prize draw for the chance of winning a Horrible Science Kit.  Congratulations to our lucky winner.

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