We were delighted to welcome the Reverend Brigitta Steele to our school on Thursday 29th March for a special assembly to mark Holy Week. Using different coloured sheets, Reverend Steele told the entire Easter story from when Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.  What a colourful display we had by the end!  Here’s what each of the colours represented:

GREY was the colour of the donkey Jesus rode as he entered the city of Jerusalem along a road lined-with people.

GREEN was the colour of the branches they waved, ‘Hosanna’, to welcome a king who would save.

GOLD was the colour of the coins that Jesus threw across the temple when he saw it had become a den of money-lending.

BLUE was the colour of the water Jesus poured and washed his friends’ feet, despite being their Lord.

BROWN was the colour of the bread that Jesus broke during the last supper with his disciples.

CLEAR was the colour of the tears Jesus shed in the Garden of Gethsemane when he realised he was to be betrayed and had to die.

PURPLE was the colour of the robe that the soldiers wrapped around Jesus, mocking him.  ‘Call yourself a king?’ they laughed.

RED was the colour of the blood Jesus shed, as he was hung from the cross on which he was crucified.

BLACK was the colour of the sky as Jesus died, as well as the darkness within the tomb in which he was lain.

YELLOW was the colour of the sun three days later when Jesus appeared again to this followers.

WHITE was the colour of the robes that he left in the tomb.

It was a really memorable assembly that we all enjoyed very much – and as can be seen from the photographs below, the children loved having the chance to participate.  Thank you, Reverend Steele.

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