On Monday we had a special delivery of 11 eggs! These were not eggs you could eat! These eggs had chicks living inside them!

The eggs were kept in the incubator to keep them warm – just like the Mummy hen would keep them warm by sitting on them in her nest.

On Wednesday, the eggs were ‘pipping’ which means they were starting to crack because the chicks were trying to get out!

On Thursday, they had nearly all hatched! It was getting a bit crowded in the incubator so we moved some of the fluffy chicks to their new home called a Brooder Box.

The Brooder Box has a lightbulb in to keep the chicks warm. We put some newspaper and wood shavings in to keep them clean and dry. We gave them food and water to help them grow strong.

There were just two chicks left in the incubator on Thursday night!

On Friday, all the chicks had hatched and were living inside the Brooder Box. We had lots of fun holding them and giving them cuddles! The boy chicks are yellow and the girl chicks are orange. We have 8 boys and 3 girls.

They like to fall asleep when everyone has gone home! Peace at last!

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