Year 3 have been creating their own blog in their Computing Lessons. Their final post was about their history visit to Vindolanda and the Roman Army Museum on Monday 30th April. Here is a small selection of their recounts:

#Best Trip Ever (by Lily)

On Monday 30th of April year 3 took a visit to Vindolanda. It was great, we all loved it, it was so much FUN!!! Once we got there we met our friendly guide. Then she showed some Roman artefacts:

  • a child’s sandle
  • a helmet
  • a knife
  • a drain

Next, she left us to have a wander around the museum. We got to go into a red hut with pictures in. 

After this we went to talk to some archaeologists, and asked lots of questions and they showed us something that they had just dug up.

Then we had lunch, yum yum, but it was outside and we were freezing.

After we hopped back on to the bus and my partner Katie fell asleep. The bus took us to the Roman army museum. We went into a roman classroom, and there was a hologram man who showed us some stuff. After we rushed to go and watch a 3D movie, the glasses felt weird.

We had a look around the museum and we went to a place where you could write your name in latin. But I could only write Lil but Mae and Aston were ok.

It was such a busy day we were ready to go home. We still had energy to sing Mr Crinson’s silly songs all the way home.


Looking at Hair from 2000 Years Ago… (by Harrison)

We got to Vindolanda  by a lovely bus it had the best coach seats ever and my apple rolled out of my packed lunch so i couldn’t eat it.

Then we got to Vindolanda and went to the reception and were signed in.

Secondly at Vindolanda we went to see a village and we saw Jaquie who helped us to find out about roman artefacts.

Next we had a little walk to the roman museum and we saw a target practise shooting shoulder blade (the romans had an arrow and they aimed it at an animals shoulder blade – ouch!)

Then it was about ten past 10 and we went to the replica of Hadrian’s wall and apparently it was built up to 6 metres tall. Then we went into this kind of castle and walked up to the top and had a look of how high up we were we were about 7 metres high.

Then we saw archaeologists who were trying to dig down to find special stuff and they were doing a lot of hard work.Then a man called Andrew gave us some facts and told us about what they were trying to dig up.

After everyone was so so hungry most of us complaining but eventually we got to some seats and sat down and had a lovely lunch.

After  that everyone was sitting down on the bus and went to the Roman Army Museum  and then were taught by a roman man that was powered by android and were taught.

Then we went to watch a 3d movie then went to have a turn of a bow and arrow then we had a bit of a look at some things. Then got on to the bus.

Finally we went back onto a 45 minute journey back to school and that was our trip.

PS thanks to Miss Watson, Mrs Nevin and Ruby’s mum


#My Trip (by Maisie C)

When we first arrived we got off the bus and met Jackie. Jackie showed us around the left over houses. There was only bricks where the houses used to be where the Romans lived.

Jackie showed us some animal bones, leather shoes and a knife.

We had a walk around the houses and she told us what the rooms were. They knew by the things they dug up.

We went to a museum and they showed us lots of artefacts that had been dug out the ground and they explained what they were.

We went back on the bus for 5 minutes to a different museum. We watched a video of a Roman life. Then we got some paperwork where I drew a Roman baby’s shoe and I wrote what it was used for.

We had our lunch outside.

Then we went into a building where it had a fake Roman man. The side of the building had Roman numbers and letters. He asked us if we wanted to live as a Roman or not.

That was the end of my trip. My favourite bit was when we went in the museum and watched a 3D video.


#Visit Vindolanda (by Jack)

Visit Vindolanda!  Have fun at Vindolanda and learn about Roman Empire! Year Three went on Monday,we loved it. It was BRILLIANT! I especially loved it. I might go again some time with my family. It is great. I might go again for my birthday.

  • First on Monday the 30th April my class traveled in the bus to Vindolanda.
  • Next we went into a butcher’s shop and Jaquie asked us some questions.
  • Then  Miss  Watson took a photo.
  • Next we had lunch.
  • After lunch we went to the Roman army museum.
  • After we learnt how to write our name in Roman.
  • Then we watched a movie about the Romans.
  •  Finally we got to look at the weapons.

My favourite part was looking at the weapons and having a go of archery.

Thank you Miss Watson!


Year 3 Trip to Vindolanda (by Sophie)

I loved the trip to Vindolanda !

First we sat on the comfortable seats of the coach in pairs (my partner was Isla).We sat there for 45 minutes travelling. It was a very long journey(or it felt like it!)

Then we looked at the ruined village with Jackie our tour guide she showed us some interesting artifacts.

After we had lunch. I was freezing cold!!!

Then we went to the Roman Army Museum and a man told us about Roman life. Next we watched a film about what the Roman times used to be like(in 3D!)

About 10 minutes later,we looked around the museum itself and it was BRILL!!! I saw lots of combs and beautiful jewels. I wanted to wear them because they were lovely(they actually looked quite new!!!)

Finally, we went into a different room where there were lots of weapons and Latin writing. A lot of us tried shooting a bow and arrow. It was hard and we all tried to write our name in Latin writing.

It was cold, tiring and action packed but it was… 



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