Well what have Year One been up to in our science lessons lately? Well they have been looking at plant life and as part of this they have been growing broad beans in the classroom over a six week period. Keeping diaries of the growth of their plants from seed, seedling to plant they have learnt a great deal. Looking at our test pots where the seeds were deprived of either soil, water or sunlight they have found out that seeds germinate without soil and light but after the food store in the seed has been used up the plants do not grow well after that. The seed that was not even given water but soil and sunlight, remained the same and no growth was seen. Now we can confirm what we predicted – life needs water. Once the plants needed the support of canes and netting, our beanstalks have been planted outside in Mrs Armstrong’s allotment. She is going to report back to tell them how the beanstalk grown and when the flowers and pods appear. We wonder how tall they will grow! Hopefully not as tall as Jack’s or Mrs Armstrong will have trouble with the harvest!

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