Our annual Strawberries and Wine concert took place on Thursday afternoon, 21st June, amid a packed audience who enjoyed a full programme of music and song.  Congratulations to the many performers who took to the stage to share their musical talents.  We could not be more proud!

It has become tradition for our peripatetic music teachers to nominate winners to receive special recognition for excellence in their chosen instrument, as well as an overall Musician of the Year.  The deserving winners for 2018 were as follows:

Guitarist of the Year: Ethan (Year 6)

Woodwind Player of the Year: Isabelle R (Year 6)

Violinist of the Year: Freya (Year 6)

Musician of the Year: Faye (Year 6)

Congratulations to them.

We were also very happy to see Charlotte, an ex-Fellside pupil and winner of the Musician of the Year award 2017.  Not only did Charlotte do us the honour of presenting the 2018 award to Faye, but she also performed a grade 3 piece, reminding us all (if we needed it!) why she was such a worthy winner last summer.

Photographs of the concert to follow shortly.


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