Fellside took on a distinctly multi-cultural air on Thursday 28th June when our Year 6 class presented their ‘International Cafe’ to raise money as part of their Entrepreneur Project.  With menus on sale from Mexico, America, Italy, France and Scotland, they brought us everything from hot dogs and popcorn to nachos, salsa, pasta, pizza, crepes – and even haggis and tatties!  No one can say they didn’t cater for everyone’s tastes.  The children used their marketing skills to advertise their menus before the event and skillfully got their fledgling businesses off the ground by seeking sponsorship from local companies to pay for their ingredients.

We are very grateful to all of those who supported the children with their endeavours: parents and governors who helped on the day; the many sponsors of the event – and of course the hordes of customers who arrived hungry after school on Thursday to enjoy the fruits of the children’s labour.  The lovely hot sunshine we enjoyed on Thursday was also very welcome, and made the event extra perfect!

Congratulations to all of the children on their success as young entrepreneurs.  I am sure they will enjoy their planned visit to Lightwater Valley in a couple of weeks all the more knowing they have worked so hard to earn it.

We’ll announce the total the children have raised very soon.

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