Fishy fun at the Aquarium!

The Reception class had a fun and  informative visit to the Blue Reef Aquarium. James gave us a ‘Rock pool’ workshop where we were able to touch the crabs and starfish.

We found out that starfish have 5 arms and 5 eyes. Crabs have 10 legs and hermit crabs use another creature’s shell  to live in.

Some of us wanted to touch them and some of us didn’t.

We loved being in the tunnel and watching the fish swim above us. We could see underneath the ray fish too.

We saw lots of different fish in the tanks and some turtles.

We tried on a diver’s helmet.

We had our lunch in the sunshine on the hill and watched the seal show.

The seals performed tricks for us and their keeper’s told us how clever they were.

We also looked through the big window and saw them swimming under the water. They swim really fast.

After the Aquarium, we had time to visit the park. (It was too windy to go on the beach.)

At the very end we just had time for an ice-cream before getting the bus back to school.

We all had a lovely day and back at school made some fabulous booklets all about our trip.

Thank you to our parent helpers. We couldn’t do it without you!

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