When they are made by Year One of course!
To introduce our new role play area – The Pudding Lane Bakery, we tried our hands at baking real loaves of bread and churning butter to spread upon slices. The Great Fire of London, it was believed, started in the long gone, Pudding Lane Bakery in 1666 and and within three days, it had spread throughout most of the north of London, destroying everything in it’s path. We are going to learn a great deal about this famous event in the coming weeks.
What a workout stirring the ingredients, kneading the dough and churning the cream into buttermilk and butter proved out to be! Later though we were rewarded with the fruits of our labours – the delicious smell of freshly baked bread and a large slice of our own spread with creamy butter. Mmmmm! Mrs Hood, after sampling our wares, said it was the best bread and butter she had ever tasted and many of us agreed. Next day we ordered a sequence of the steps involved in making a loaf and added the imperative verbs for each. We had such a giggle when we were playing ‘Verb Charades’ at the end of the lesson but we all could guess the verbs.

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