To begin their learning in history, Year 5 have been creating a world and British history timeline of the topics they have studied so far.

They looked closely at the period of time between 8000Bc and 2000AD, selecting to mark their timeline in steps of 500 years. After this, they placed key events such as the Stone Age to Iron age, Roman Rule, The ancient Egyptians and their new topics: The Ancient Mayan Civilization and the Vikings, onto the timeline where they believed they might have taken place.

The children were surprised to see how long some periods lasted in comparison to others. Their topic on the Romans in Year 3 had seemed so detailed but had lasted only a few centuries in comparison to the Ancient Mayan culture which lasted a few thousand years!

Year 5 are very much looking forward to finding out more about their new history topics and are ready to begin comparing this knew knowledge with what they have learned previously at Fellside.

What was your favourite history topic to study?

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