We have had another busy week in Nursery! Everyone is making new friends and we are starting to remember each other’s names. We have also introduced our Golden Rules and everyone is doing so well to remember them all!

Some children have now mastered our climbing wall and were so proud that they could do it all by themselves!

Never too early to practise our writing and mark-making skills!

Pretending to be builders!

Making towers and adding one more onto each one.

We took a particular interest in snakes and iguanas this week after a child mentioned she had seen this on TV. We watched the video and soon everyone was interested!

We pretended to be snakes and iguanas and had to get away from the snakes! We re-enacted the scene in the sand tray by burying the iguanas and when they came to the surface, the snakes would chase them to the top of the mountain!

Empty cardboard boxes are always a winner!

We are still keen to explore our Autumn finds and lots more children have added to our Autumn table this week. In this photo we are shaking the acorns to see if we can hear the nut inside. We discovered that if we crack the acorn, we can peel the shell off and take the nut out. We put them on the bird feeder as we noticed they don’t have any food at the moment! We will have to make them some next week!

We have been making patterns with some fruit and vegetables.

Re-telling The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Mark-making outside.

Finding wriggly worms in the mud!

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