Here are Year One showing off their latest artwork – mixed media pictures of fireworks over a cityscape. Following a careful look at Nocturne in Black and Gold, The Flying Rocket painted by James Abbot Whistler in 1875. This dark, moody painting shows the thrill of a firework display. Puffs of smoke and trails of glowing, golden sparks fill the night sky. A cluster of dark shapes are the silhouettes of buildings, seen in the light of the fireworks.
Whistler conjured up the feel of a firework display out of a smudge of smoke and a scatter of bright sparks.
The pupils of Year One attempted to recreate this effect using sponged printing and oil pastel drawing on a washed background.
Another picture, with the same subject matter, was made with homemade scratch boards made with wax crayons and poster paint. Drawing with a stylus was a new experience for some and all were amazed as their colour wax patterns appeared beneath the black painted surface. How creative are Year One! Always happy to learn new techniques, they love their art lessons.

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