We were honoured to receive a visit from Kenyanito Dudi who runs Spurgeons Academy on Monday 19th November.  Kenyanito had travelled all the way from Nairobi, Kenya, to talk to us about his incredible school.

Nestled in the Kibera slum of Nairobi, Kenya, Spurgeons Academy provides education and support for some of the most vulnerable children in the area. Kibera is the largest slum in East Africa, home to over 1.5 million people in just 1 square mile of considerable hardship. Many children in the area either have to care for family members with HIV/ AIDS or have been orphaned, leaving them to shoulder much responsibility from a young age.

Kenyanito told us that as well as educating the 420 pupils, the school also provides 2 meals for the children: a porridge breakfast and a local dish called githeri (which is made from corn and beans). For most of Spurgeons children, this is the only food they receive each day.

Incredibly, Kenyanito also told us that many of the children cannot use the toilet at their homes in the slums as their families have to pay for this. Instead, they have to wait until they are in school, with many of them arriving from very early in the morning as a result.

We were all very much in awe of the incredible work Kenyanito and his teachers do in Kibera.  We learned that although the school has just 5 computers to share among 420 pupils, the children are still taught computing.  As well as that, English is taught widely because there are 42 dialects spoken by the children.

We all agreed that Spurgeons sounds like an inspiring school and we were delighted that we had the opportunity to find out all about it from Kenyanito.  We were also thrilled to sing a simple song they sing at Spurgeons – in Swahili!  Our thanks to Reverend Steele from Spoor Methodist Church for arranging this memorable visit.


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