Pupils from Key Stages One and Two were treated to a live theatre experience in the form of a visiting theatre company – Bigfoot Arts Education North East who performed Pinocchio for our enjoyment. This panto was an updated version of the classic children’s story. Inventor Gepetto creates a wooden marionette called Pinocchio. His wish for to be a real boy is unexpectedly granted by a blue fairy. The fairy assigns Jiminy Cricket to act as Pinocchio’s “conscience” and keep him out of trouble. Jiminy is not too successful in this endeavor and most of the panto is spent with the easily led Pinocchio deep in trouble as he makes his way to learn ‘stuff’ at Fellside Primary. Pinocchio comes across challenges of temptation such as not so ‘Honest John’ and a greedy entertainment manager. His final challenge comes when he figures out his father goes missing by getting swallowed by the massive killer whale and must go find and save him. An entertaining time was had by one and all. What a treat!

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