Year Five have gotten thoroughly into their Design and Technology project this term, which was to make a free-standing structure.

This project was based around creating some new playground equipment for the Key Stage One yard, inspired by the class’ involvement with the children in Years One and Two as part of the Playground Leader scheme.


The children began by evaluating current playground equipment in our school and online.

They then designed questionnaires for the children, teachers, playground supervisors and the care taker to see what their design would need to include. They found that the design would need to be fun, safe and educational.


In their design team,s the children listened carefully to everyone’s point of view and came up with a design for their equipment. They sketched this carefully on technical paper and then also transferred their designs onto computer software which they have been using in their Computing lessons.


The children brought in recyclable materials from home and began to build their models. They worked very well in a team and were all able to make their structures free-standing. They decorated the models and adapted the designs as they went.

Present and Evaluate:

Once their models were completed, the children presented their projects to the ‘Dragons’ (the other children), who questioned them well about their choices and the details of their design, including pricing, size, weather-proofing and safety. They used their knowledge of properties of materials and also research conducted at the beginning of the project to answer clearly and confidently.

I’m sure we’ll see many more innovate ideas from these children in the future!


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