Year One have been finding out about Passover in their R.E. lessons, how it relates to the stories of Moses and about how this festival is celebrated. Passover is one of the most important festivals in the Jewish year and it is called Pesach in Hebrew.Passover is celebrated in spring by Jewish people.This festival is celebrated by Jewish people, who remember how the Israelite people were freed from slavery by Moses over 3000 years ago.The story of Passover is in the Torah, the Jewish holy book. Passover is celebrated for seven or eight days.On the evening before Passover begins, there is a special service called a Seder. At the Seder meal there is a special Seder plate on the table and this plate has five sections to hold some special Seder foods.
Unleavened bread called Matzah is made to remember when the Israelites were in a hurry to leave Egypt.Year One have been sampling unleavened bread and most of them thought it was delicious! Bitter herbs dipped in salt water are eaten to remember the tears the Jewish people cried when they were slaves. This part of the meal is called the Karpas. The children sampled herbs dipped in salty water and the verdict was decidedly mixed.

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