This week in Nursery we have been discussing ice. Very appropriate for the weather!

We discussed what ice was and how you can make it. We also talked about whether a fridge or freezer would work best to freeze the water. We filled up two bowls of water and placed an object inside so we could see the ice melting.

We kept checking the ice every few hours but it still hadn’t turned from liquid to a solid piece of ice!

Only the top of the ice had frozen after a few hours. We could see the water moving underneath!

We had to leave the water in the freezer until the next day. When we took it out of the freezer we discovered it had turned completely solid.

The ice pack fell into this bowl and we couldn’t get it out! We kept this block of ice inside and put a block outside and we had to predict which will melt the quickest and why.

This was the block outside compared to the block inside below which has disappeared! 

The block of ice inside had shrunk by lunchtime but the block outside was almost still the same size!

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