Elaina from Seven Stories came to visit us today!

She brought two stories. Mr Big and How to Lose a Lemur.

Mr Big was all about a gorilla who was sad because he didn’t have any friends. He was so big he frightened everyone away! We gave Mr Big some big cuddles!

We pretended to be the people in the cafe running away from Mr Big!

Mr Big bought a piano to cheer himself up. Some people heard him play and posted him a letter asking him to play in their band. Soon he had lots of friends because everyone loved to hear him play!

We pretended to get splashed in the pool from Mr Big jumping in!

We made our own band with Mr Big and pretended to play in the club!

We pretended this piece of stretchy material was the pool and when Mr Big jumped in, all the animals jumped out!

The next story was How to Lose a Lemur. It was all about a little boy and a group of lemurs who kept following him around!

We tried everything to lose our lemurs! We climbed up trees, went through deserts, over the sea and even up snowy mountains! In the end, the boy was lost and the lemurs helped him find his way home! They weren’t so bad after all!

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