In their science lesson, Year One were set a challenge. Mr. Grinling, a lighthouse keeper by trade, needs a new jacket and because he works in all weathers, it really needs to be waterproof for rainy and stormy days when he still needs to tend to the lighthouse. Which fabric should it need to be made from?
Groups of four set off to create a fair test in order to sets a range of different fabrics so they could suggest which would be a suitable fabric for the new jacket. Test materials of the same size were stretched across transparent plastic cups and twenty droplets of water were added to the surface using a pipette. Those fabrics which absorbed the water were rejected as these would leave Mr Grinling soggy and cold and the fabric which would not allow water through was selected as the droplets simply made a puddle on the surface. Finally a suitable fabric was found! Here are the scientists busy testing the samples of fabric!

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