Year One enjoyed a really interesting visit from Nursery Nurse Wendy and Nurse Ashley on Friday 1st of March. Both people work at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Gateshead. Nurse Wendy told all about what might happen if we had to pay a visit to hospital. At first, Nurse Wendy explained what a trip in a ambulance might be like. From meeting the paramedics, all dressed in dark green, who might take us to hospital in an emergency and what the ambulance looks like inside to what might happen while we are in an ambulance. We were all very interested in the special bed that has fold up wheels in there. Next we were introduced to staff we might meet in the hospital itself and how to recognise them by the colours of their uniforms. The doctors don’t wear uniforms at all! Some of us got to role play being a nurse or a doctor doing tests on our patients which was really . These tests give the doctor important information about our bodies if we are poorly. We got to try a blood pressure monitor, which when you squeeze air into the band placed on your arm, gets tighter; a thermometer to check our body temperature; a pulse oximeter which checks how fast your heart is beating and how much oxygen is in your blood and a Doppler machine which we could hear a heartbeat with! Nurse Wendy also showed us how a stethoscope is used to that medics can check if our hearts are beating correctly. Some of us pretended that we had broken bones, strains or other injuries so that Nurse Wendy could bandage us up or put plaster casts on our limbs. Now we know what to expect if we have to ever visit the Q.E. hospital. Everyone in our class, who have been so far, said they really enjoyed the experience!

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