Today we welcomed back Oswin from Coco to our school accompanied by Steph, who is new to the now very familiar charity. They had come to thank us for our continued support of their charity and particularly to inform us about what our last contribution has helped pay for in one of their schools. We had raised over two thousand pounds and this had contributed to the the rebuilding of a cramped classroom into a much larger and suitable classroom for pupils.
Working specifically in three African countries, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya, the charity support a Schools for Life Programme. Steph and Oswin talked us through the six key elements which combine in the programme; shelter, power, water and sanitation, food, sports and recreation and entrepreneurship. We are always so pleased to hear that the money we raise helps provide children living in poor and marginalised communities access to an education.
Oswin and Steph, after delivering a whole school assembly, went on to teacher our youngest nursery children to sing in Swahili and then workshops in Year Two and Year Three.

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