Year One have been learning about how they should balance their diet to stay strong and healthy. After examining the ‘Eat Well Plate’, it was establish that a large part of their diet should consist of fruit and vegetables – but what if little children were fussy eaters and would only entertain just a few of these? Well Year One were set a task of finding ways to encourage such children to try different varieties of fruits and vegetables and after some lengthy discussions it was agreed that making them fruit kebabs might be a way forward. The ‘fussy’ child could be presented with familiar fruits in small portions along with some they hadn’t tried before in an attractive dessert.
Plans were drawn and labelled, lists of requirements were created and instructions for making such a dish were written. Finally, thanks to generous donations from parents, the children set to to manufacture and sample their ‘product’. Great fun was had by all creating repeating patterns of fruits on skewers and since the proof is in the pudding- the fruit kebabs were eaten up enthusiastically. Fruit Kebabs proved to be a big hit!
Don’t take our word for it, Year One made some for members of staff who all agreed. The day after evaluations were written and changes to the means of manufacture and design were suggested. It was concluded that Fruit Kebabs are a great way of getting children to try new fruits alongside new favourites. And do you know what? Some of Year One have discovered they actually like fruits they had not tried before making fruit kebabs.

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